Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crunch-a, crunch-a, crunch-a

I've given up washing my hair. Or using deodorant. And as soon as I run out of cold cream and lip balm I'm giving those up too. As well as lotion.

I'm not about to just be a smelly, greasy, dried out mess though. I'm going crunchy.

It comes as no surprise to those close to me that I'm a bit eccentric in some ways. I hope to have a natural pregnancy (a few years from now!) and to give birth with a midwife, hopefully at home in a tub of water with my wonderful husband by my side. I plan to use cloth diapers and to avoid any chemicals that I can when it comes to my children. For the last six years or so, I've used a menstrual cup during my cycle (first a DivaCup, now a Lunette) and couldn't imagine going back to tampons.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I'm giving up on shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. And possibly hair dye. Which is something I'm dealing with still.

To clean my hair, I'm using baking soda and then rinsing it after with apple cider vinegar to moisturize it. For deodorant, baking soda mixed with cornstarch and coconut oil has been doing just fine the last two days. And it seems like it's going to last for. ever. I swear each day I use about a pee sized amount and it will last forever.

So the big question I'm getting is why. Honestly?

It's cheap. I need to save up for some big life changes that are coming up (more on those later) and this will save money. Plus, if I can do all this naturally, why bother with the chemicals? Who wants to use chemicals when this is all natural and so much better for you? And the new deodorant is working better than the commercial stuff ever did.

Guess I'll keep you updated.