Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last week in Germany before vacation

Because Sunday night was a rather late night, til around midnight, I slept in a little Monday morning. The girls and I went to the playground and of course I was sniffling all morning and was exhausted. When Nuria's nose started running, I realized that I had forgotten tissues so the three of us ran to Netto for tissues and I picked up TP while I was there. 75 cents for two rolls. That afternoon, Noemi had her dentist appointment and since Kathrin thought Nuria might have cavities, she went too. Thankfully, Nuria just has funny looking teeth that look like cavities apparently. I watched Yael during that time. I honestly don't remember much except that I was tired for most of the day. But I took so much Vitamin C that I got better quicker than Daniel did. I also got to Skype EEK for about half an hour before I watched Yael. Honestly, the day was mostly about trying to get healthy.

Another day in which I was sick. Almost healthy but not quite. I cleaned my room, including vaccumming it. We took pictures for my visa as well as the girls' travel passes. It was chaos. Nuria and Yael weren't too bad but the girl was a PITA regarding Noemi. Because she's older, the girl took the requirement more seriously. Noemi's mouth wouldn't relax (kinda like me when I was little) so we must have taken a million photos. And the girl was all "Chin up. Not so high. Head to the left. Not so far." I at least understood her but those pictures do not ever turn out pretty. Ever. It's like a blank stare basically. Caught on camera. And I bought double point needles from the EuroShop to work on my coffee cozy instead of using loooong ass circular needles. The excess length just kept getting in my way. Now I just have to worry about poking myself with the sharp ends lol

There is nothing on my calendar regarding Wednesday. I don't remember anything special either.

This was the mother of long busy days. I watched the girls in the morning and stayed inside due to stupid rain. It was a long morning. Then afterwards I went to the Auslanderburo (foreigner's office) to get my residence permit. Of course I had to get the computer that crashed halfway through which made it take even longer. Then at the end, the woman tells me that I've got to wait for two letters-one from their office and one from Berlin. They'll get here around 3-6 weeks from now. Well we go to Paris on Sunday so I told her that and asked if that's a problem. Can I wait to come back after I get the letters? So she gave me a German travel pass for foreigners to speed my travels up. I have to go back after I get back to Osnabrueck to get my visa but my travels are cleared. Afterwards, I went to meet Denna for bagels by one of the parks I take the girls to all the time. It was great to hang out and I found out that she's maybe a few MONTHS older than me, not years as I thought. It's nice to hang out with someone around my age. We talked, we ate bagels (which were too thin and the cream cheese tasted like diet), and we bitched about the weather. The woman behind the counter was so confused when we ordered bagels with just cream cheese. She said, "Bagel, cream cheese, and lettuce?" No. Bagel and cream cheese. No lettuce. She found it so odd. A few hours later I headed home, Denna caught the bus, and I made trail mix (here literally it translates to "student food") with the girls. On the way home, I stopped in a few little stores that I pass by every day but never go in. At one, I bought Gramma's birthday present. At the other, I bought some rainbow striped yarn to make my first pair of socks out of. Then I stopped in a bookstore where I didn't buy anything. At the end of the night, I babysat while Kathrin and Daniel went to a meet the teacher night at Noemi's school. The girls had waffles for dinner, watched a little bit of a film, and then brushed teeth and went to bed. Nuria didn't sleep at all. I was more exhausted than she was. (Thank you to being sick. totally healthy except my energy levels.) I went to sleep when Kathrin and Daniel got home.

At the end of a long week, Friday was long too. Another rainy day so we stayed inside again with the girls. Kathrin picked up McDonald's for lunch but they forgot to include my burger. I was planning to go out shopping for the trip anyhow so Kathrin told me to get something to eat and add it to the bill which was so nice. I mean they messed up, not her. So I ran out to shop in the rain of course. After Eric decided to be a pain in the rear from an ocean away. I got a pocket sized travel guide to Paris from Thalia-which is my preferred bookstore. Just like in the US there's the borders/barnes and noble thing (okay, there was), in Osnabrueck there's Thalia/Bucher Wenner. I prefer Thalia. Then I stopped by Starbucks for a drink and went shopping for travel. When I was little, my mom would put a new toy in a brown paper bag and give me one every half hour or so during a long car ride. I suggested it to Kathrin and she told me it was a good idea. I told her I'd be willing to do the shopping if she wanted. She has lots of things to do to get ready and I just have me. So that was my task Friday. We agreed on approximately 10 items. I came home with about 20 plus a few things for myself. I walked all over town in my rainboots so I had very sore feet when I got back. I walked from here to Johannisstrasse to do my shopping then over to near the train station to a particular store, bought what I wanted, then came back home. After I relaxed a little bit, I wrapped all of the trinkets and labeled them with symbols so I knew what was in each one. Then I watched Grey's Anatomy for a while while I packed for Paris before going to bed around 1 am. I'm almost packed. It's in my backpack, laptop bag, purse, the big bag I got from the campus store, plus my travel pillow which won't bother going into anything. I feel like it's a lot but the trip is for a month and I honestly have it as condensed as I can. Plus I've got a bag of gifts for the girls during the trip and a bag with the trail mix ingredients. It would all fit into half of my suitcase but I don't have a single bag big enough for it all. :/ And Vickey's rambling slight paranoia ends here. Come visit us next time for another batch of crazy.

So in reality the crazy never ends. The crazy is just beginning. I'm dying to color my hair but I've never done it myself. I think I'll wait til I get back and then ask one of the girls I know if they'd like to help me out. Or maybe I'll do it myself in Paris. Who knows. I've also got to figure out which color. Do I go darker or do I go red? Or should I just suck up the cost and go to a hair salon? But that still requires me picking out a color. Kinda want to go darker again. I'm hanging out for the afternoon, updating this, and relaxing until bedtime. Tomorrow we drive to Daniel's aunt's house and then on to Croissy-sur-Seine on Monday. I'm sick of writing now so I'm going to work on Desiree's cross-stitch for a bit. Next post will be from Paris.


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