Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Midweek update - I am now a runner.

It's only Wednesday and I'm already back to update. :) I've been chatting with a few English speakers that I met on facebook lately and on Sunday morning we got together to have breakfast at an "American" style restaurant. Alle (pronounced Allie) picked me up to give me a ride along with her boyfriend (who's from here) and another English speaking girl who's from Finland. It was pretty close and we were the second group there. The first was Robin, a gentleman from England who moved here to be with his wife. Deena and her husband came along with a Brazillian couple, a couple in which one is from North Ireland and one is German, and another couple who I didn't have much time to talk with due to table configurations. The buffet was supposed to be American but I didn't identify half the items on there. They had "pancakes" but they were half fried. Good but not at all like a pancake. The conversation was good though. :) We talked about a lot of things all over the place. It rained the entire day. Which sucked ass. As always.

Monday I started the Couch to 5K plan and went for my first run. :) It actually went really well except that I got lost on my way back. In the end I was just down the road but I didn't recognize the name of the street. Today's run didn't go so well though. I just couldn't get into the groove and couldn't find the right pace. I did find some good music though at least.

Yesterday, I went to Aida, the opera, with Frau Bobach. My brain never got a chance to shut off or relax. And of course I didn't eat nearly enough. I skipped breakfast and didn't have time for dinner. During the intermission, Frau Bobach bought me a fizzy apple juice. The lyrics were in Italian and the subtitles were in German. It was difficult enough with enough words that I was unfamiliar with to give me a headache. The show was good. The theater was small, intimate, with some odd sort of light screen at the back of the theatre. The voices of the actors were so powerful. All three of the top billed singers were just fabulous. I wasn't sure if I should be rooting for Aida and Radames or not based on the emotion that the Pharoah's daughter was showing. It was heartbreaking. And of course Daniel is the conductor of the orchestra so it was cool to see him work.

Lastly, today we made salt dough ornaments with the girls. They're still drying in the kitchen and they're not nearly dry yet but it was fun (and a total mess) and tomorrow they get to paint them.

I know this is rather a perfunctory update. Today I'm just feeling a little off. Most of the day has been a typical day but for some reason it's off. I just don't feel quite right. My run sucked, I'm not tired but not awake, I'm missing America, and Artemis has been acting up. It must be hormones. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, hormones exist in Germany as well. I think tomorrow is a Starbucks afternoon... Take Minerva and go buy a drink. That sounds nice... We'll see what happens.


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