Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My first week in Germany

Well first of all you should know that I brought an adapter that didn't have enough holes in it so had to wait til today to get the grounder that Gramma sent me. It got here today though and I can FINALLY use my laptop. It's amazing the difference just having a working computer makes. My poor Artemis. She had a fine layer of dust on her when I pulled her out today. But she's plugged in to an adapter which is plugged into an adapter which is plugged into a power strip which is plugged into the wall. I wrote in my handwritten journal the other day so I'm basically going to copy that over here with slight additions and subtractions as necessary. :)

1 June 2012
Today's my third full day in Germany but basically my 5th day on my own. Let's start a few days before that though. My grad part was on what would've been my wedding day (5/26). Well my day was so much better like this. First off, I saw Ron on the 21st to get my stuff back. The boy I loved is gone and now I'm not the girl he loved either. I deserve better and I can see that now. Yes, he was my first love but it's as if I have someone else's memories. They don't feel like they really happened to me.
So Saturday was my grad party and I had a blast. I ignored my cell all day, got to see some family, a few very wonderful friends. It was just amazing to see people come out of their way just to see me before I went off. The generosity of my parental units in throwing this party was more than I expected. Sunday morning I went to church for the last time at my church for a while. I didn't expect it but as I went to leave, I started to cry. I mean I don't go often, I haven't been able to go often, but I've always had the chance and I've always known that it was there. And the guest pastor person (he wasn't listed as Rev. or Dr. in the program) quoted from a letter from the Civil War that made me cry. (Rather than post the whole thing here, I'll post a link. I highly encourage you to read it. This man's love for his wife and his country moved me. http://www.pbs.org/civilwar/war/ballou_letter.html) I spent the afternoon packing after getting my Kindle (Minerva) and having Starbucks with Jack before I got rather very tipsy at the Youngs with the parental units.

Monday morning began my 24+ hours of travel-most of which I was awake for. I had to check in and pay for my luggage, make it through the longest security line since Heathrow 3 years ago, and hope I had time to get coffee. Luckily, I made it through with time to spare. I got a bagel while I waited for my (late) flight. It hadn't really hit me until Sunday night (after I had sobered up) that I was leaving for another continent. Pathetic though it may be, it was realizing it was my last night with fuzz (my big purple blanket) that did it. I flew to Philadelphia where my flight was late again. Luckily I had plenty of time before my NEXT flight was set to take off so I wasn't worried and Minerva kept me entertained. (I was reading The Hunger Games.)
In Newark, I had to get my bags and schlep them around for a while. It took forever to get to the right terminal but luckily someone pointed out a free cart for me to use and people helped me find which train. The woman on the platform was so nice. She directed me to the train and then asked about my tattoo. When she realized it was from the Bible, she started saying things like "Oh praise Jesus." She acted like the stereotypical inner city black Christian-which she definitely was the last two. Once I FINALLY checked my luggage, I got to the right gate and found FOOD. I was starved (remember all I'd had was that bagel). With 4 hours to kill, I texted everyone and their brother, got some decaf coffee, devoured a smashburger, nearly killed Artemis' battery playing games (retrospect-bad idea), and made last phone calls. Then I waited. And waited. Our plane wasn't even at the gate til we were supposed to leave. Given that my Madrid layover was only 90 minutes, I was started to worry we wouldn't make it. Luckily, we made great time. The food was actually decent (some beef noodles for dinner and a warm croissant for breakfast). The seats were incredibly comfortable, I had a window, and the middle seat was free so it was just me by the window and a gentleman by the aisle. I watched The Princess Bride during dinner before I fell asleep. When I landed in Madrid, I almost panicked. I thought I had gone through security when I shouldn't have but I did exactly what I needed to. (I checked with a security guard.) So I went through security for the third time (Rochester, Newark, Madrid) and prayed they wouldn't stop me since I speak NO Spanish. I changed my shirt so I'd be more presentable (just another T-shirt) and got on my flight. When we landed in Dusseldorf, as I was getting my bags, I hear my name over the loudspeaker but didn't know what they'd said. I made my way, with my ridiculous bag, to information and asked. Daniel was going to be late. Okay. Well that sucks. So I sat down and waited again. I was so tired that when I went into the information office I didn't even TRY German. I just said "Hi, they called my name but I didn't hear what it said." After about 20 minutes Daniel, Noemi and Yael got there. Daniel took my suitcase which was awesome since the wheels barely work on it. We got the girls something to eat then got everyone a drink before we hit the road. At first I was awake enough to talk-with effort considering I was tired-and to pay attention to my surroundings. Then I started falling asleep. When we got home, I met Kathrin finally and Nuria.

I'm still treading this fine line between living here but sort of being a guest too. Like how I'm not yet OK with going in and out of the apartment, haven't ventured out alone yet, and can't raid their fridge. I'm sure I will soon but right now I'm afraid of getting lost. I don't want to step on any toes or intrude on their space. So when I leave in the evenings, I stay gone basically. I need to venture out and get some snacks, a laundry bag, and an alarm clock.

Tuesday, I pushed way past when I should've stayed up til 12am and then slept til 3:30pm! My iPod died overnight so I had no way to wake up.I've been better since though. Yesterday, Kathrin, Nuria, Yael, and I went out to do some of my paperwork and to get Yael underwear so she'll potty train. It was awesome to be out exploring. I think there's a farmer's market tomorrow that we're going to. Not totally sure though. I also met Frau Bobach yesterday. She's invited me out for Chinese to practice her English sometime.
My room is kind of like London-small but adequate. Bed. Night table. Lamp. Table. Wardrobe. Bookshelf with electric kettle. Sink. Toilet. HUGE window. My "own bathroom" in the cellar.

My hands are starting to hurt from typing so that brings us up through Friday night. I'll update more either later or tomorrow! Oh and pictures will come later too in their own post for those without FB.


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