Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday #2

Hello, world. :) It's about quarter to four pm right now as I start writing this. The girls are out with Kathrin, Daniel is at the theatre, and Frau Rodriguez is cleaning the bathroom/kitchen. I'm just hanging out and debating if I should (a) get more coffee, (b) go up to my room, (c) go out and buy more cookies. :) So far today, I've woken up, drank 1/4 cup of coffee, and got the girls ready to go out to a park. First we went shopping as per Ellie's request. We got some smoothies (like Naked brand) for her and one to bring back for Noemi and a baked good for Ellie, Nuria, and me. We ate and then headed to Starbucks so I could get a coffee. Well it was too full and I kept spilling it so I literally threw it away rather than keep spilling it. Naturally 2 freaking minutes later, we were at the park. I didn't realize we were so close! So I may as well have thrown nearly 2 euros away. We spent a few hours at this playground in the city that has a water pump and the girls got pretty wet. It was actually fairly warm out though for once! It's been about 65 at the most but in the sun it was at least 75 today. :P What a hot summer. (Decision made. I'm getting coffee. The other two are still being debated.) Once we got a bit bored with that, we headed "back home". I knew Nuria would fall asleep in the stroller and that we'd wind up going to another playground for Ellie. But first, I had to get completely lost with two little girls in tow of course. We poked around a shop and I bought Ellie a "Pixi" book. (It's a brand of little square books that are 0.95 each.) While we were in this magazine shop, someone wanted to admire the girls and she thought they were mine. Rather than explain to some stranger that no, these are not my daughters, I simply smiled and nodded. This crazy old woman also did not appreciate my large arm tattoo. Just made me want to make it into a real half sleeve. Get covered in ink. Then see what she thinks. :rolls eyes: I'm sorry but it's my body and some stranger has no right to comment on what I choose to do with it. I may look young but I am old enough to decide to proclaim my beliefs for all to see on my body. G-d has plans for me that are wonderful and that I could never fathom. Even being here in Osnabruck is something that He must have decided long before I ever dreamed of it. I feel so at home here most of the time. It's actually more comfortable in some ways than Penfield. I can get everywhere on foot. I know where I can get a coffee cheap. I can converse in German well enough to buy a strong allergy medicine without help (which by the way we also did before we went shopping). I'm eating healthier here than I do at home and less too. Not so much junk. Almost everything is fresh, prepared that day, bought within the week. Yes, I eat something not so great for breakfast (like a croissant and coffee) but at least I'm eating breakfast here! And I'm realizing I don't NEED as much sugar in my tea/coffee. Yes, I prefer it sweeter but I'm finally growing up when it comes to that. :) I really think this is a great job for me to have especially right after college. I'm on my own but I still have plenty of support. I've got my host parents that are willing to help me whenever I need anything. I've got Germans that I knew before I came here that have helped answer stupid questions that I don't want to ask Kathrin. :) I have my own room that I have to keep clean and I do my own wash and whatnot (just like in the dorms) but I also don't have to worry about cooking every night or paying rent. I am saving money but have few bills that I have to pay. Just my credit card - which I need to make a payment on next week. That payment will get it MOSTLY paid off too which is just freaking awesome. :) I'm also not really using it here. There's a 3% finance charge so if/when I use it, I'll be paying interest PLUS a "Oh you're using Euros? Let's charge you" fee. (When I need to use it, I can always use it online and then select USD as the currency.) By the way, current exchange rate? 1 Euro is $1.25. Not bad at all.

Yesterday we went to the Alfsee. It's a small lake where they have a water-ski course, a small small beach (think smaller than Charlotte, Rochester people), and a few places to eat. There's also an area with a trampoline, mini-golf, and a rock-wall. It was my day off so I didn't have to go but it sounded fun. :) It was a long long day though. I was off but I was still playing with the girls and hanging out. My brain was working in German (which gets easier and easier). With all the fresh air and the times I was watching out for the girls on the playground, I was very glad to get home at the end of the day. Vigilance for the safety of small children is tiring! And of course, Noemi is only concerned with the fact that I'm not letting her do what she wants. I can't communicate that it's not safe! I said to Kathrin towards the end of the day, auf Deutsch, "I'd rather she think I'm evil and have her safe than have her love me and be in danger." Which of course is true and made Kathrin very happy to hear that. She knows I really care about these girls and that they're safe when they're with me. Mind you, they don't really think I'm evil; just when I'm mean for a few minutes to keep them safe. At least 95% of the time, they adore me. :) Oh and you know you're in Germany when the girls like beer better than you do! And when they let their 1, 3, and 5 year olds try beer! It was non-alcoholic though before you start thinking Kathrin and Daniel are risking their kids getting drunk. :)

Currently, I'm very tired. I think I was up too late yesterday given how exhausting the day was. So I do believe I'm going to figure out my agenda for the evening. I have another hour of work yet talking with Noemi to improve her English (she's the oldest) and dinner and then I think it's going to be an early bedtime for me. Tomorrow is a cleaning day (wash my sheets, vacuum the floor, clean the sink, mop my bathroom floor, etc.). Tonight however is probably rewatching Dr. Who and maybe cross stitching if I can keep my eyes straight.


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