Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday routine :)

I forgot to mention last time that I've also eaten lamb several times since I've been here. I think the fact that I don't eat pork is a slightly bigger hassle than Daniel and Kathrin expected. It's fairly easy to buy turkey sausage (which is a regular part of our meals) but the other night we tried to order a pizza. They all either sounded totally weird or had "salami" (pepperoni). We wound up eating a tv-dinner type lamb curry. It was actually really good. I've also had lamb sausage. Before I came here, I hadn't eaten it. Partly because "poor little lamb" and partly because I hadn't had much of a chance. I did, however, pass on the veal cutlets the other night. I'm not ready to eat a baby cow. Morals still win out in that, though Kathrin and Daniel didn't realize I didn't eat any meat that night as they were going out so it was just me and the girls.

I've gotten into a fairly good routine, at least for Saturdays. If I stay in bed for a while just messing around on the internet and with my iPod, I can manage to sleep in enough to be refreshing but not so much that the day is half gone. Then by the time I get ready and come down to the apartment, they're out shopping. So I can bring Artemis down and sit at the table, write in here, do any necessary research for life, whatever. I make a french press of coffee and just hang out. It's nice. Makes me feel adult. To have my laptop and my coffee and an empty apartment. (Since I've got the place to myself, I took pictures of it and uploaded them to both facebook and flickr by the way.)

I'm not sure exactly what else I'm going to do today. I ought to go get a few things from the store. I need vinegar to clean my showerhead, cornstarch for oobleck Monday, and eggs/milk/butter for a cake I'm baking tomorrow. I hate that almost everything is closed on Sundays and a lot of things are closed Mondays. It's annoying. I can handle that it closes by 8pm because honestly I'm in the house by 6 95% of the time but knowing I can't run out tomorrow to get the things I need to bake with the girls is annoying! Speaking of baking, we made American style chocolate chip cookies the other day. It was chaos. I had Noemi, Yael, and Noemi's best friend Julia (who doesn't understand English). I had to find ways for each girl to have a turn, to not seem like I was playing favorites, etc. And of course they kept trying to eat the dough. I'm hoping baking tomorrow with Noemi and Yael will go better. They both understand me when I speak and it's easier to divide into two parts than three. Plus tomorrow we're using a box mix. :)

I'm working on finding reading material in German as well as English. I've got TONS of books in English to read on my Kindle for free from but I've honestly never picked up a book in German on my own (sorry Frau Mac!). I have no clue what my reading level is but I'm going next week to get a German library card (I don't feel like doing it today). It'll let me get things out of the library and I intend to get out some books from the kids section. I also found several recommendations online for easy German novels. I'll be looking them up but for now I bought one that's written in e-mail form auf Deutsch. It was only a dollar and it'll give me something to read on my Kindle instead of having to tote around a book. :) Have I mentioned lately that I love Minerva? She's freaking fantastic. I charged her for the first time last night and it's been nearly a month. I've read five books and played games on her without having to charge it.

Well, I'm off to go compile a list of crafts and necessary supplies I need to do with the girls. Both for just everyday (like oobleck on Monday) and for specific holidays (like the 4th of July). Ideas are welcome. Leave links/ideas in the comments.


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