Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Okay Thursday

Back in JLand I used to do a bunch of link ups. Except we weren't as technologically advanced and we just left our links in the comments. But with a new blog (and approximately 8 years time since I started A Moment That Is Mine) comes new methods. So today I'm linking up over at A Waste of Makeup with Amber to bring you "It's OK Thursday". (Linkup found through Brie.)

It's okay...

  • that I look forward to the girls going back to school after breaks.
  • that I miss having classes and homework.
  • that I've been single for a year. I needed this time to help me figure out who I am.
  • that it's been six months since my last kiss. I will survive. Even if it doesn't feel like it. Even if that's the longest it's been since I started kissing.
  • that I'm starting to feel burnt out. I'm basically a part time mom and don't most moms feel this way after a few months? Especially if they were thrown into three passionate little ones instead of starting with one baby.
  • that I'm eating ice cream in a chocolate chip cookie cup right now. In fact that's more than okay.
  • to want to know how a guy feels about Jesus before I decide how I feel about him.
  • to read all the secrets posted at Living in Yellow and even to post a few of your own.
  • to cry over your past.
  • that I'm going to end up listening to Christmas music as soon as it starts snowing.
  • that I just canceled a date with the German because guys...

    I am going to the ocean tomorrow!

Do you see the sheer joy that is me in these photos?

I don't know if I'll have internet but I'll be bringing my camera and will post some pictures when I get back at least. We'll be in Greetseil til Sunday.

Also: part of this that's even awesomer? Just this morning I was thinking about how much I need to recharge (see that burnt out thing) and how I'd love to go to the ocean/lake but that it'd be impossible for me to manage with the other things I want to do. Then Daniel came home and said, "I just realized I have the next few days off. Maybe we'll take a trip." My G-d is good. He orchestrates things like this.


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