Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday in Review

Yesterday was spent doing a lot of knitting, a lot of listening to sermons, and a lot of time with friends. I'm still really enjoying Craig Groeschel's preaching. I listened to most of the Weird series then started on Perspective. And I was working on my friend EEK's gift for Christmas. I'm halfway through now but just started yesterday and wanted to get through the first tough section so that I could get to the almost mindless knitting which is possible in a movie theater.

At 6:30, I rushed out to meet Marvin, Carlotta, Maike, and...another girl whose name I don't remember. We saw "Die Wand" (The Wall).

Umm.... guys the reason you haven't seen a German film... They aren't the best. This particular movie has two sections. The second part (yup I'm starting at the end. Told you I was weird in my sidebar.) is the woman writing her story. It takes from November til February and she's um incredibly depressed, alone, etc. You can tell the toll life has had on her between her skin, her uber-short hair, and her layers of sweaters. She's constantly clothed in dark, dull colors and never smiles. She also never speaks a word but constantly scribbles down her thoughts, copying notes from a datebook and drinking tea.

The first part is the interesting part. She goes to a cabin in the woods with an older couple and when they don't come back after a trip into town, she goes out to search after them. Somewhere along the way, she comes across a barrier, a transparent wall. She cannot break through and it would seem no one can get out. When she does find another person on the other side of the wall, they are frozen as if sculpted. And her voice doesn't travel outside of the barrier anyhow. Over time, she collects a cow (who then has a baby bull), the dog she began the movie with, and a cat (who also has a baby-because every female creature has to be pregnant). She also wears white for much of this time.

At the end of the movie, at a time somewhere after the first part and before the second part begins, the only other human we've seen enters the scene (homophone confusion much?). He kills the baby bull (the woman claims not to undersand why he did that) and when the dog charges to protect the bull, the dog also dies. The woman shoots him, buries the dog, and drags the mans carcass to a more secluded spot. We then hear her tell us how this life makes no sense and will continue to go on forever.

Depressing much?

Brightside: I understood most of the movie, even when not the exact words the gist. It was my first film entirely in German that I hadn't seen before since 2008. Yup, that long.

The theater was nice though. Among the concessions...
  • Red and white wine
  • Beer (various types-all bottles)
  • Ritter sport chocolate
  • Gummis
  • Peanuts
  • M&Ms
  • Popcorn
I had accidentally sprayed perfume in my mouth in my rush to get out so I bought a popcorn to get rid of the taste. It was sweet! Like kettle korn. Personally I enjoy kettle korn so I loved it, just wasn't expecting it.

Then I got to come home and Skype with this lovely lady:
The one that's not me, I mean. My wonderful roommate. We chatted for about two hours about whatever was on our minds. I love that we can laugh our rear ends off when I nearly swear (I promise that was a mix of words!) but in the same conversation we can delve into some very deep personal issues. She makes me much more myself, my best self.

I also made a button to advertise my blog and sponsored Brie at Simple Single Girl Life. My handiwork (cropped from a picture my aunt took in California):

And with that, I bid you all good night so I can go to bed before tomorrow starts! G'night!


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