Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things 12 through 14 (Typical Day, Weaknesses, Strengths)

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.
I thought this one deserved to at least be at the start of a post considering how much the difference is in my life given my job.
8:00am - First alarm goes off. Roll over and tell it to shut up.
8:50am - Second alarm goes off. Roll over and tell it to shut up.
9:20am - Snooze from second alarm goes off for the third time. Finally get up and get ready.
9:35am - Enter apartment five minutes late for work. Make coffee, gradually take over control of Nuria.
The next three hours are spent with Nuria, hanging out, playing, and letting her nap in the baby sling on my chest.
12:30pm - Break. Drink another cup of coffee. Chat with Kathrin. Read on my Kindle.
1:15pm - Lunch is typically done around this time. I start eating with Nuria and Kathrin but often end up finishing by myself. After lunch, I spend time on facebook, pinterest, or reading.
4:00pm - I take over for the girls again for the next two hours. Often the baby is asleep at first so we play at home and then go out to a playground after she wakes up.
6:00pm - I'm free for the evening but wind up helping out with the girls anyhow during dinner, before bed, etc. I spend the rest of the evening doing research online, Skyping, watching Netflix, etc.
9:00pm - I throw the girls in bed (literally) and back to Artemis.
1:00am - I finally shut off the computer and go to bed.

13. Describe 5 weaknesses you have.
If there's something I feel bad about, I will beat myself up about it for... a long time. I've probably got the world most incredible guilt complex.
Faith - I'm not good at living my faith as strongly as I ought to. I don't read my Bible or pray every day. I don't go to church. I don't know if those around me would describe me as Christian right off the bat.
Saving money - I like to spend money. I don't do well at budgeting or saving. I'd rather buy the coffee today than save for the trip four months from now.
Coping - My mental illnesses overwhelms me sometimes. I'd rather hide away in my bubble to stay "safe" than risk anything. The thought of possibly being judged keeps me from "crowds" and that's from my anxiety. I have a hard time overcoming some of my symptoms and living in a seemingly normal way.
Inability to make new friends - I don't know where to find new friends, how to start conversations, or how to go from acquaintance to friend.

14. Describe 5 strengths you have.
When my life is falling to pieces, I may struggle for a bit on my own but I realize fairly quickly to turn to G-d and lean on His strength. I've learned over the years that is the only way to survive the hard times. I seek His face, I worship, I journal.
When I love, it's with all I have. When I love, I'm willing to do anything I can for that person. To protect those that I love, I will do anything. And when I say I love you, it is not out of habit or because I feel obligated. It's because I believe your presence makes my life better and I don't want you to ever forget that.
As I've been told many times, I'm more grown-up than some of the adults in my family. I don't enjoy getting drunk. I don't enjoy parties. I know the right thing to do and most of the time I do it. My maturity is one of my strengths.
I've also got an unbelievable ability to multi-task. I am the queen of the multi-task.
I'm also a good listener and fairly good at giving advice. I may not be perfect but when my friends are in trouble, they know they can come to me for tea, a shoulder to cry on, advice if they want it and an ear to listen if they don't.


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