Monday, October 1, 2012

A Weekend of Plans!

Even though it is the 31 Day challenge, that doesn't mean that my normal updates are going to be put on complete hold. (And as far as my cups of tea with Jesus goes, they also won't always be exactly like they were this morning. In fact, they won't be like that again. I'll address AN issue instead of wanting to write on um a million points at once starting tomorrow. So forgive the massive block of text earlier.)

Saturday I got together with Christine, someone new I met off couchsurfing. We went to PollyEsther's, a cafe by the theater. There are seats outside, inside, and in the entrance "hallway". We sat in the "hall". It's protected from wind and rain so it's not as cold. We had a great conversation, in English. For some reason when I write to people on CouchSurfing I get more responses when I write in English to start with. Mind you, then I switch to German with most of the people when we actually meet. (Carlotta and Marvin both wrote in English at first then after we meet we've been speaking German.) So we chatted for about two hours. It could have easily been longer but I had to work at 4. She's a little younger than I am (she's 20) but we got along wonderfully and I hope that we get to hang out again soon. :) It's always nice to meet those people you can just talk with and immediately hit it off. I haven't had that kind of a connection in a while. The other people I've meet have been wonderful but it seems like at some point there's an awkward silence and I get uncomfortable. There was only silence for a few minutes total with Christine. :) (Actually that problem seems to be more pronounced when I meet with guys... Or in German... We may have just found the reason why.)

Sunday, after I slept in, I went to dinner with Anna (another au pair, this one from China) and Renate (aka Frau Bobach aka one of my (retired) neighbors). We went to a pub/restaurant around the corner where they brew their own beer. And yes, I had a beer. In fact...
That is my beer. With a head on top. It tasted... very pure. It was very earthy, very yeasty almost. I'm not a fan of beer. I prefer white beer to light beer though I learned. Since it was a buffet, I loaded up my plate. There were a few dishes I couldn't eat (one was pork chops, one had boar in it (yes seriously) and one I wasn't sure).
That plate has chicken (which was so tender it fell right apart and melted in my mouth), salad (which had a very sweet sweet dressing on it), vegetable lasagna, and (hidden under the salad) butter spaetzle. It was delicious. :) After a few hours and most of that beer, I was sleepy so Renate took pity on my yawns and we parted ways. Not before her telling me I had a very strong American accent and that whenever I speak German people automatically know I'm an American (not that I'm a foreigner but that I'm AMERICAN). Though I knew that already, I had kind of hoped it wasn't THAT obvious. I have this big complex about wanting to seem European. And I think fashion-wise I don't stick out too much. (Please don't tell me if I'm wrong about this. One of my most successful days here was when in Paris someone asked me for directions. In French. Not that I could help them but I looked like I knew what I was doing and I looked like I belonged here. Don't shatter that dream please!) Obviously, Renate wasn't trying to upset me. I'll survive.

I stayed up far far too late yesterday night (it was almost 3am before I got to sleep). The entire reason? I slept too late Sunday. Now it's Monday evening and I need to go to bed so that I can start my slightly early day tomorrow. I have to stay in most of the morning because the new beds for the girls are being delivered and of course the time frame? Something like 8-2. Why can't companies ever be more specific? Thank you IKEA.

Tune in tomorrow when I write about my love life. And any other insights that G-d chooses to have leap out at me when I read farther into Romans tomorrow.


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