Monday, October 8, 2012

My Personal Doctrine Part Two

First up on the hit parade today:
I believe alcohol is suitable to drink but that one ought not to get drunk. Drunkenness is a sin but even Christ drank wine. If anything hinders your relationship with Christ, better to completely eliminate it than to risk stumbling. 

I don't believe that women should be pastors. I believe that women are meant to be submissive to their men and if a woman is the head of the church, what sort of an example is that setting? I believe that women can lead other women, can lead bible studies, can lead children's groups and ministries but I believe the leader of the church, just as the leader of the family, ought to be the man. That said, I do believe that the man ought to take care of his woman, ought to be willing to understand and to listen. Yes, he is the leader but that doesn't mean he should take his wife for granted. In Scripture we're told that husbands ought to love their wives and wives are to submit to and respect their husbands (Ephesians 5:22-33).

I also believe women ought to cover their heads when they pray or prophecy (1 Corinthians 11). In theory, this means that women should always have their heads covered because they should always be praying (1 Thessalonians 5:17). In reality? Well my head isn't always covered but when I open my Bible, I cover my head. When I seek His face intentionally, I cover my head. This is not a salvation issue though.

Speaking of issues that are dear to me but NOT salvation issues, I do still believe kosher eating is applicable.  But then I did just write about that last week.

As a bisexual Christian, I find it difficult at times to be understood. As a bisexual Christian who has had sex before, I've gone through a time of feeling judged, feeling less than, feeling worthless, feeling like I was somehow not Christian enough... But having come through that time, having dealt with the issue of purity and coming through the other side, I believe that Christ wants us to wait until we're married. But if we do have sex before marriage, we can be made clean again. I'm not the same person I was when I had sex with Ron. I'm not the same girl. I've made made a new creation and I am purified by His blood. Premarital sex is a sin and we are told not to do it in order to protect us. This, like all the other rules G-d makes, is not meant to limit us but to protect us.

And that bisexuality part? There are women I find attractive. There are men I find attractive. I've kissed men. I've kissed women. (Okay, I've kissed a woman.) Just like my behavior with men can be sinful, so can my behavior with women. I don't control who I find attractive but I do control what I do with those feelings. My physical actions can be sinful but so can my thoughts. If I dwell on either one, it can be sinful. I personally don't believe HAVING those feelings is sinful but what I do is.

Got another issue I should consider my ideas on? Another issue you'd like to know my ideas on? Or do you have opinions that you'd like to share?


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