Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fill in the blanks

I did this back in 2005 and I'm redoing it now. My answers have changed. I've grown up. But at the heart of it, I'm still seeking myself, seeking my Christ, seeking a place in this world.

I am not: alone.
I hurt: for those less fortunate, for those who don't have Someone to trust.
I love: romance and my future husband. Even if I don't know him yet.
I hate: whining.
I fear: not finding my calling or finding it too late.
I hope: that G-d will continue to illuminate my path and to give me the clues I need, the reassurances, even if they come in a splitsecond vision or the gut feeling.
I hear: the difference in Amy's accent between season 5 and season 7 (Doctor Who).
I crave: a night curling up on the couch with my husband relaxing with hot cider and Doctor Who.
I regret: nothing. My mistakes have made me who I am today.

I cry: at movies, at tv shows, at books.
I care: about my family more than anything. And that definition is not merely blood.
I always: spend more than I mean to.
I long to: be married to my soulmate.
I feel alone: when I travel to countries where I don't speak the language.
I listen: to 90% country or Christian music.
I hide: behind a mask, trying to pretend I'm more adult, have it more together, a better Christian than I feel that I am.
I drive: so much better when I'm with my friends than my dad. And yes, I crank up the radio to a good song.
I sing: at the top of my lungs.
I dance: for joy.
I write: often and I pray that G-d might use my writings to help others as it's helped me.
I breathe: at times with difficulty because I cannot seem to get enough air into my lungs.
I play: more often with children than I used to but still not enough.
I miss: American food. M&Ms are expensive here!
I feel: content most of the time.
I know: my G-d is enough. Now I need to live like it.
I say: lots of things that people don't understand.
I search: using bing lately because google hates me.
I learn: a lot. Including lessons from 3 year olds.
I succeed: at making a fool out of myself. I follow that by laughing.
I fail: and get frustrated and then cry.
I dream: about the future. I get lost in it.
I sleep: so much better when I'm safe in the arms of a man I love.
I wonder: where my life will lead me.
I want: to know!
I worry: daily. Minute-ly.
I have: tea on my left and a broken iPod on my right.
I give: all of me if it helps those I love.
I fight: tooth and nail for what I believe in.
I wait: impatiently. But I need to change that.
I need: Jesus. More than anything else in my life, in this world, ever.
I am: learning more about myself and how life ought to be lived each day.
I think: the next 5 years are going to be very interesting. It's such an exciting time in our lives. :)
I cant help the fact that: I have a tendency towards depression but I can help my attitude.
I stay: in the same pattern over and over again, not knowing why.


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