Friday, October 12, 2012

Lucky 7 and me

Lucky 7. With Patrick Dempsey and Kimberly Williams.

Why does this movie resonate with me so strongly?

First: A plot synopsis: Amy, the main character, lives according to a time line her dying mother left when she was 7. When she thinks she's found Mr. Right at number 6 but the timeline says to marry number 7, she tries to "insert" her local bagel shop manager as the new number six. Bagel man is played by Patrick Dempsey, character is Pete Connor. "Mr. Right" is Daniel.

Kimberly Williams (now Williams-Paisley, yes that's right she married Brad Paisley) is beautiful is such a down to earth way. Just look at her:
Her style in this movie is just so wonderful. She cleans up beautifully. Dresses that are short enough to show off her body but long enough to leave some mystery. But on a normal day? Amy wears jeans and when she spills syrup on her shirt she steals Peter's. And when she puts it on, it fits. Not the same way it fits him, obviously, but in that casual sexy way that a woman ought to look in my mind when she has on her boyfriend's shirt.

The way I hope I look. Instead of the way I actually look:
(Taken by a friend in London, 2009)

(Note: All following photos, unless otherwise noted, are screenshots from Lucky 7.)
She's totally type A. She makes lists just to cross them off. She tries to find the best in everything. Her ex boyfriend is a blessing in disguise because now she knows that she doesn't want a guy who cheats on her and now she can move on. Know anybody else that can rationalize the hell out of a broken relationship?

She loves bagels. Onion bagel with a schmear and a decaf coffee. That's her breakfast. Served by the super adorable Peter.

She knows exactly how many minutes late the other person is. (I tend to know exactly how many minutes late I am instead.)

She melts over chocolate covered strawberries. I've had conversations with Mary Beth over what fruit our future husbands will be. Mine will be a strawberry. And I've had other conversations about chocolate and there's a whole chocolate scale relating to the bedroom and chocolate covered strawberries ARE on that list...)

She beats herself up when she thinks she said something dumb. (My guilt complex is out of this world.)

She enjoys cooking. She's kind of completely perfectionistic and control freak though. She even labels ingredients. (Her father then uses those labels against her.)

Sex is not a taboo subject...
But she does it with an air of innocence that doesn't seem affected.

And it's not a taboo action either. When she chooses to have sex, she doesn't let society tell her it's okay or not. She is in control of her own body.
 And with passion.

She believes that your hands will just fit with the one. (That's why she looks so confused here.)

There are a lot of little ways I noticed tonight that Amy and I are similar. I just hope I never get stuck in a job I hate as long as she did.

You'll have to watch the movie to see how it ends up. (Hint: Romantic comedy.)


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