Saturday, October 6, 2012

Homesick and Importance

Ya wanna know something? I'm not feeling it today. It's 10:30pm and I was out of bed for approximately 7 hours today. I slept for 12 hours completely like the dead. Only two things woke me up. My alarm (which I promptly shut off) and Nuria crying. It happened to occur right between REM cycles and woke me up. At 2pm. When you see that the clock says 2pm, rolling over and going back to sleep just seems so lazy. But I'm sick.

Sick sucks. My head is full of fuzz, more so than yesterday, and I'm simply tired. I'm ready to go back to bed. But of course... I can't just sleep. I have to write. So what am I going to write about?

Well today's cup of tea with Jesus is more like a glass (or 1.25 liters) of ginger ale with Jesus. And by with Jesus I mean more like while watching Haven.

I've been struggling the past week or so with being homesick. It's not for the people really but for America. I miss the conveniences and the luxuries that I never even thought twice about. Things like shops being open past 7pm. Or on a Sunday, heaven forbid. Things like pre-packaged cookie dough. Or chocolate freaking chips. I wonder why I miss the place more than the people. The only explanation I have is that I still have contact with the people but not with the food, not with the conveniences.

And this is where I take a leap and hope it makes sense.

If I miss America like I do, if I miss my family, my friends, if after a day or two of not talking to someone I'm dying for that text message from them... Shouldn't my relationship with Jesus be just as important? If this is the most important relationship I have, why do I have to "find time"? Why does my time and my attitude not show how important He is to me? Why do I shrink away from even using His name? The simple fact that I chose to call this "31 cups of tea with Jesus" and not "G-d" was deliberate.

How many people claim to believe in G-d? Claim that name? But Jesus? The name of Jesus has power in it. Only the radicals, the crazies, the people willing to jump out on a limb it seems use that name. Although there are also those who use His name as a curse. (Ever wonder whey they don't say "Buddha dammit"? Why that sounds so funny? Because there is POWER in the name of the Saviour.)

Despite the importance I claim Christ has in my life, too much of my day is spent away from Him. Too much of my time spent with Him is seen as a sacrifice from the "fun" stuff. So: 2x4 time: How important is Christ in my life?


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